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Accelerated Intelligence



Our Universal Data Model implements a comprehensive analytics and reporting environment integrating data across business units. Achieve actionable insights by leveraging a pre-defined framework to the data modelling, and access standard reports for key business activities like financial performance, sales, and operational activities in record time. 

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Immediate access to 360° view of your customer across business lines
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Seamless connection to 100’s of source systems and databases 
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Bring together financial key performance indicators (KPIs), charts, and financial statements 
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Market leading reporting and  visualizations using Power BI 
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Create data-driven, collaborative, and adaptable scorecards to track key business metrics
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Combine disparate data sources into a unified model considering all your data for analyses and  decision making 

Our Approach

Businesses today often have many disparate data sources for different strategic units, and extracting insights from these requires a modern approach to facilitate speedy delivery. We help our customers by accelerating the process of implementing a comprehensive analytics and reporting environment, using our unique universal data model. 

Prosum’s integrated data model helps your business to focus on actionable insights by leveraging a pre-defined framework to the data modelling of their data, and delivering standard reports for key business activities like financial performance, sales and operational activities in record time. 


A solution that empowers you to combine data sources from different business units, slice according to financial periods and seasonal dimensions, and get standardized reports and the ability to customize or create bespoke reports. It can: 

  • Fast track the roadmap for implementation of a Modern Data Warehouse through a well-defined, but fully customizable integrated data model. 

  • Speed up delivery and time to insight through pre-defined models for several business functions such as Finance, Sales, Inventory, Procurement and many more. 

  • Built using Azure cloud stack and Power BI to enhance performance and capabilities. 

  • Positions your business for advanced analytics such as AI and machine learning. 

  • Data security built in at the core of every activity in the end-to-end process. 

  • Increased data quality using a consistent and integrated data model, reducing the risk of inconsistencies and errors in data. 

Accelerated Reports & Easy Dasboards

Our turnkey reports and dashboards offer a clear view of your business informing decisions through fast and accurate intelligence.

Gain Accelerated Intelligence

Book a demo to see how we can facilitate Actionable Intelligence

“We find that companies have access to the data and reports, but lack the comparison and analysis infrastructure to turn this information into valuable and actionable insights.”
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